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tiny by dtownley1 tiny by dtownley1
I think this was taken near Daikanyama, close to Tokyo.
That's a vending machine behind the car. I don't think I'd have any hope at all of actually getting into the thing.
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Junbuggy Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2008
Really? If I remember correctly, you were born in '83, yeah? The picture was taken in '89 according to the info. But then again, you were 5-6ish, so maybe that's a stretch. :P And Ads on buses, trams, whatever are always weird. I was in Texas over the summer and saw an Ad on a YTC for a strip club. o.o;;

Pfft, it's not what's in Vegas, it's what's arouuuund Vegas. The nature there is amazing from what everyone tells me. The desert is right outside the city and there's all kinds of fun things to do. And I've heard of the Tom Clancy books... I tried reading one but it takes him about twenty five pages to explain how a character opened a door. By then I'm like, "yeah, screw that."

And tying in a holiday would be pretty sweet. I'd get to go back to Tour Guide Mode ™. I haven't done that for a while. :P And if there's only like, one or two people, than it's a loooot easier. Although it would be weird because I'd actually have to do the explanation in English.... because it's by default in Russian....

Oh snaps, would Kazumi want to come to the US of A? The more the merrier~ (is that how it goes, the saying, anyway?) It's a lot of fun to have a travel buddy. :P

Hahahaha, iPods = <3. I had no idea you could e-mail on them... or keep a schedule. That sounds like a fun, more updated version, too. Kind of like.. the Apple version of a Blackberry. o.o;;;; An... "Appleberry?" (It's like.. a flavor of 7-11 slushie thing)

And the fact you took a photo of Pocari Sweat made me gigglesnort. And it's larger? Was it exported from Japan or was it made in Aus? o.o
dtownley1 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2008
the pocari sweat was probably exported from Japan. Had the same label, just a different size.

Not sure if Kazumi could come. She can only get 3 or 4 days off work at a time, and that's very rare.

The email on the iPod is pretty amazing. I have it synced to my yahoo so any changes I make on the iPod or computer update on the other device. Saves so much time.
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September 27, 2008
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